SisHomemade Pattern Group Rules

  • 1. Topics of posts and comments:

    • Posts and comments must be related to our patterns. If you ask a question about a pattern for beginners, you have to reckon with the fact that only our patterns can be recommended in the group.
    • We are pleased that you like our patterns and weave them into shawls designed by someone else, but posts and comments of this type will not be accepted (e.g. moss shawl with inserts or endings from our shawls).
    • We are very happy with every person who joins our group and that you are waiting for the CALs organized by us. However, new people join us every day and if we accepted all posts with thanks, those who are already in the group would not read anything else. If you want to thank you for joining the group, you can do so under this post (link).
    • General crochet topics such as choosing a crochet size, where to buy the yarn, what is block shawls and so on are acceptable.
    • No other, e.g. advertising / sales / charity / thank you admission to the group / waiting for CALs, will be accepted.

  • 2. No patterns sharing:

    • You cannot share photos with partial or full pattern, no matter if it's paid or free.
    • If you need help, we accept photos with a small fragment. Try to cover the pattern or crop the photo so that only the part with which you need help is visible.
    • It is up to the administration and moderators to make the final decision whether the photo with a visible fragment of the pattern can be accepted.
    • If you want to share our pattern with someone, please send them a link to our group SisHomemade Pattern Group or our website
    • If you share a pattern outside of the group: screenshot, file sharing, saving pattern pages on pinterest and the like, you will be immediately removed from the group without warning.

  • 3. Search before asking:

    • Start by checking if the information you are looking for is not in the pattern.
    • Before asking a question, check if anyone else has asked for the same. This can be done in three ways:
      1. FAQ – at this link: - you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
      2. LOUPE - you can find it here:

      3. POST TOPICS - For each post we add the appropriate topic:

  • 4. Group atmosphere:

    • We care about a nice atmosphere, so let's take care of respect and courtesy together.

  • 5. Albums:

    • Albums are created only by group administrators. If you add a photo, try to provide information such as: yarn type and length, size of the crochet hook used and approximate dimensions of the finished shawl.

  • 6. Cover photo:

    • Group cover photos are selected by administrators once a month from among all those added to albums. The photo shows the name of the pattern and the details of the person who made it (if available).
    • If you do not want your photo to be considered, please write that you do not agree to sharing when adding it to the album.

  • 7. CAL rules:

  • 8. Summary:

    • As our group grows, the rules may change.
    • For persistent breaches of the rules, we will remove from the group without the possibility of rejoining.