SisHomemade Pattern FAQ

You can find more information in group SisHomemade Pattern Group

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  • General information

    1. Corners goes up, numbers of stitches is correct, what should I do?
      You can replace the first 3 chain stitches with 4 and the last double crochet with a treble crochet.
    2. How to start?
      Start with 4 or 5 chains joins with slip stitch (or make a magic ring). The first row is made to the center of the circle.
    3. How to find your patterns?
      You can find free pattern in our group SisHomemade Pattern Group (link) and all of our pattern at (link).
    4. How to make special terms ...?
      You can find explanation of all special terms in pattern.
    5. Is there a movie with a pattern ...?
      All movies have chapters that make your work easier - expand the description to see them.
      Mandalove triangle: youtube.
      SisLove część I: youtube.
      SisLove część II: youtube.
    6. Does the pattern ... have a chart?
      All of ours patterns have charts, you can find them in the links from point 3.
    7. How to make hook single crochet?
      You can find answer in SisHomemade Pattern Group (link).

  • SisLove

    1. Row 7 in the first part of the chart does not match with row 7 in the second part of the chart.
      Rows 1-7 are show in a whole. From the 8th rows are shortened.

  • Flower Valley

    1. How to make horizontal puff stitch?
      You can find answer in SisHomemade Pattern Group (link).

  • Allyana

    1. How to start?
      You can find a movie with the 7 first rows here: youtube (link).
    2. How to make 30st row?
      You can find answer in SisHomemade Pattern Group (link).

  • SisLove Half Circle

    1. At the beginning, the shawl bends into a croissant shape, numbers of stitches is correct.
      It's all right, this shawl straightens as you work the next rows.
    1. The second and third parts start from the 8th row, where the first 7?
      After finish row 31 from the first part, we start row 8II (there are no rows 1II-7II). After finish row 31II we do row 8III (there are no rows 1III-7III).